Virtual Reality Training

Safety training just got real


It’s empty, dark, quiet. All you can hear is your heart pounding away in your chest, your breathing. You’re alone. And then, a flash of light. Before you know it, you’re putting out fires. You’re on top of the world. You’re administering critical first aid.

There’s a knock on the door. “A door? Here?” you think to yourself. A voice behind you: “How was the simulation?” It dawns on you: “This is not real. None of this ever was.”

No, this is not some sci-fi film plot – it is reality. Virtual reality. Technology is moving forward, fast. It enables us to work better, smarter and safer – precisely what we set out to achieve here at MSHEQ.

Training can be boring. It’s not surprising then that boredom affects your retention or ability to remember, leading to mistakes. These mistakes have led to 463* people suffering from work-related injuries since you started reading this page. These mistakes, or perhaps some first-aider’s newly discovered and deep-rooted inability to deal with trauma, saw 35 of those people leave for work, never to return again. That’s why we love to move the needle. That is why we’re changing Health and Safety training in South Africa with our new VR enabled training courses.

VR is making waves in practical education globally and has proven time and time again, to be a cost-effective and more efficient method of instructing people. With audio-visual and ‘sensory’ real-life scenarios you experience virtually, the content is memorised with far more impact. Saving you valuable time and, ultimately, lives. 

We’re taking the old and mundane out of Health and Safety by bringing training into the future. Starting with “Fire Fighting”, “First Aid” and “Working at heights”, you can put your abilities, and courage, to the test – without risking your bacon. VR will not only allow us to rate a participant’s ability to recall their training but also enable us to discern their competency within a Health and Safety role. There’s nothing quite like discovering you have a fear of heights – on your first day of work as a crane operator.

More training modules will follow soon with bespoke options catering to your specific operations, speeding up your inductions, making it more memorable and effective. In fact, up to 275% more effective according to a survey done by PwC. Your people are essential to you and your business. So, keep them safe by ensuring your Health and Safety team is empowered, capable and competent. Contact us now to upgrade your Health and Safety Training – it truly is The Ultimate Training Experience.


MSHEQ provides a new way for accredited safety training. Our VR Training is a full day course with the practical element in Virtual Reality and is completed at the MSHEQ offices in Centurion.


  • Fire Fighting
  • First Aid
  • Working at Heights

Continuously developing, MSHEQ will make more courses available in time. In the meantime, why not send us an online enquiry and let us know which courses you would like to complete in virtual reality?


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